You Do Me 2 – Shannon & Solange

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Horny lesbian babes Shannon and Solange are getting kinky again. This time, Shannon – a hazel-eyed brunette – is Dominant, while black-haired Solange is submissive. Shannon, in red fishnets and a black dress, leads the gagged Hispanic honey into the bedroom. Obediently, Solange stands by the bed, topless in a leather miniskirt and spike-heeled ankle boots.

Shannon kisses Solange around the gag, caresses her perfect breasts, and tongues her prominent, erect nipples. Solange hitches up her skirt to display her ass and trimmed pussy, and her girlfriend slides a manicured hand between her thighs before shoving her onto the bed. As Shannon bends to remove Solange’s boots, her dress slips down to expose her beautiful tits. She rubs Solange’s bare foot between them, licks it, and sucks her toes.

Solange begins to masturbate, teasing her pink with ringed fingers. She sighs with pleasure then splays her thighs wide as her Domme repositions her on the covers. Shannon strips down to her red stockings and open-crotch thong. She crouches over Solange, toned ass in the air, then nuzzles her way down.

Solange moans and writhes as Shannon’s tongue gets to work, then the brunette takes a black vibrating dildo from the nightstand. She grinds it against Solange’s slit and eases it inside of her. Solange moans around her gag then removes it, crying out as Shannon pounds her with one hand on the toy and the other between her own legs.

For a few moments, Solange probes her Mistress’s pussy with her toes – but, with Shannon banging hers hard and fast, she soon cums. She whimpers in release, and Shannon sucks the other end of the dildo, using her mouth to plow it in and out and prolong her girlfriend’s orgasm. The duo makes out, with Shannon on top, then they cosy up together.

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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