Wild Ride – Sofi Nar

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Stunning Hispanic brunette Sofi Nar loves to be outdoors in nature – on a sunny day, she rides her bicycle along a woodland path. She is wearing a summer dress, with no makeup and her long, dark hair in a sexy side-braid. In a picturesque spot overlooking a bay, she lies on a rug and caresses her bare, perfect breasts, tweaking her nipples with French-tipped fingers.

She eats a ripe peach, with sticky juices dripping down her chin, then sucks on a strawberry. Among the fresh fruit in her picnic basket is a large, realistic dildo. She tongues it from the heavy balls to the tip, then curls her hand around the shaft as she sucks the head. Next, lost in bliss, she leans back against a tree and begins to masturbate her trimmed pussy, lifting a tit so she can lick the nipple.

Sofi frigs herself hard and deep, then, facing the tree, splays her cheeks. With two digits sunk in her snatch from behind, she nuzzles the rough bark. She kneels on the ground and oralizes the dildo again, drenching it with drool. When her snatch is nice and wet, she guides the huge mock-cock inside of her. She sits on it, taking the entire length, then lies, legs folded back and toes pointed.

Her pretty face a picture of bliss, she squirms on the rug, stroking the toy against her slit and crack, before cramming it deep inside of her pussy again. Next, wearing only her sunhat, Sofi sits on her bicycle, grinding her crotch and bubble-butt on the saddle.

The dildo is secured to the bicycle rack, erect and juddering as she sucks and deep-throats it. She straddles it reverse-cowgirl, then spins to ride it while gripping the handlebars. Back arched, she rubs up against the seat once more, with the toy quivering inches from her ass as she humps herself to an ecstatic orgasm. As the movie ends, she licks the saddle voraciously, relishing the taste of her own cum.

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