VL_Parky and Pimp Blue

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Words to the wise from your Golden Goddess. There are little tricks and tips you share with your best girlfriend, but those are nothing compared with the techniques and secrets you share with your family. My trans sister Parky has absorbed every bit of experience and knowledge I shared with her, and from the looks of it she could teach ME a few things. She's a willowy honey blonde babe with great boobs and a way of getting any man to give her just what she wants. She met up with her friend Pimp Blue for a sex date the other night, and before long she had him eating out of her hand (and a few other places). He's used to being the macho stud, but watch them together a few minutes and there's no doubt who's the boss.nnBlue invites Parky to suck his fat hard cock and she's happy to get a mouthful of musky man meat. When the cameras are rolling, she knows just who she's performing for. Once a man is getting his cock swallowed, his common sense takes a back seat. He encourages Parky to peel out of her sexy black bra and panties, and as she lies there grinding her hips into his swollen crotch he's hers. Her beautiful full titties are like a bullseye for any man, he's no exception when he sucks and nibbles at those big round mancatchers. Parky stretches those long legs apart and he climbs on and drills in deep. He rolls over so she's on top, her natural position, grinding into every hard stroke and driving the boy wild. She starts pulling on her trans cock and it's just as big and thick as Blue's. Does he want to see her cum? Who wouldn't? She milks out a creamy load and he reaches in to get his hands hot and sticky with her love juice. He's right at the edge now. Parky's sexy purr drives him into spraying his wad down the length of her lean, lovely body from tits to huevos. She towels off and pulls on her clothes while that macho stud showers her with praise and compliments. I'm impressed, sister!

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