Smokeshow 2 – Subil Arch

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Sexy Subil Arch is smokin’ hot – in every sense – in this fetish fantasy directed by Sandra Shine. Subil struts into a stark industrial space on super-high heels, flaunting her gorgeous body in a peekaboo-cutaway lace bodystocking. Her large breasts are bare, with kinky black-tape nipple pasties. Her makeup is vampish, with red lips and shadowy eyes, and her auburn hair is worn in sassy pigtails.

As the camera captures her in close-up, following her curves, she sweeps her manicured hands over the lace. She poses between two concrete walls and we get a flash of her naked shaved pussy, through the open crotch. Sitting on a stool, she caresses herself and splays and kicks up her legs. Then she takes a long, slender cigarette between her crimson lips.

She lights it and inhales deep before blowing out streams and clouds of smoke. It’s very much a sexual kick – her next exhalation billows over her big tits. Soon, she begins to masturbate, puffing on the cigarette as her hands roam. Ash falls from the tip but she is oblivious, as her fingers tease her globes and oozing-wet pink.

Next, a slight wince, as Subil peels a tape cross off of one nipple, followed by whimpers of delight as she rubs her clit and puffy inner lips. With one spike heel raised high, she sucks her fingers then strums her slit. She stands with one knee on the stool, hips gyrating as she frees her other nipple. Now her fingers sink in deep.

Soon, she is on the brink of orgasm – and she surfs it with skill, fingers plowing and stroking just hard enough to keep her hot without cumming. She lights a second cigarette, giggling in anticipation of drawing on it. Now there’s no stopping her, and she reaches down between her thighs, sighing loudly as she teases herself to an ecstatic climax. Then it’s time to enjoy the afterglow and finish her smoke…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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