Seduction 2 – Novi

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Stunning brunette Novi makes a dramatic entrance through a pair of ornate doors. Dressed in a tight pink blouse, latex miniskirt and skyscraper heels, she canโ€™t wait to show off her hottest seductive moves. She strikes poses, spinning around to flaunt her fabulous, slim curves and ass-length black hair. She licks her manicured fingers then leads the way through to the bedroom.

As she perches on the counter of her glass vanity, her short, split-sided skirt rides up to expose her golden thighs and flash her naked shaved pussy. She caresses her legs, then eases up her top to expose perfect-handful breasts. French-tipped fingertips circle her dark nipples, teasing them erect, then she moans as she sinks a hand between her thighs.

Standing in front of the mirror, Novi savors a lingering look at her own gorgeous reflection, then takes a U-shaped sex toy out of her goodie drawer. She sucks on both ends then skims her snatch with the larger head. She moves the action to her bed, licking the toy once more to lube it.

Thighs splayed, and with her skinny spike-heels threatening to rip the sheets, she buzzes her slit with the bright-pink toy. She slides the larger end inside of her snatch, working it with her hand. However, when she lets go, the shape holds it snugly inside of her. Soon, she pulls it out, unable to resist tasting her juices off of it.

She vibes her nipples, then turns her attention back to her slit. As the large end plows her pussy, the smaller tip tickles her clit, doubling her pleasure. Sighing deeply, she grinds the toy harder inside of her until, at last, she cums, letting out a loud cry. As she lies back grasping her tits, she feels confident that she is able to seduce anyone โ€“ herself included.

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