Red & Blue – Nikki Hill

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Cute blonde Nikki Hill climbs out of the swimming pool and stands to admire the view, her soaked swimsuit clinging to her slender body. She goes indoors to towel off, then settles on the sofa and starts rubbing herself through the damp fabric. Unsnapping her outfit, she strokes her bare pussy, rocking her hips to intensify the arousing sensations. She eases her fingers into her tight slot and masturbates avidly, the sticky sounds of her pleasure mingling with her gasps and moans. Grabbing a thick black dildo, she sucks it before thrusting it into her pussy, strumming her clit and fucking herself fast and hard. After a powerful orgasm, she keeps on driving the mock cock deeper, squealing through another overwhelming climax and sucking her sweetness from the sticky shaft. Kneeling, the naked beauty diddles herself from behind, until a third immense orgasm leaves her utterly satiated.

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