Prophetic Dream 2 – Eva Elle

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Stunning tattooed brunette Eva Elle is fast asleep, naked and tangled up in her bedsheets. She dreams of a large black SUV, parked somewhere in a wild wood. As she runs her hands over her tanlined curves, she sees herself in the back seat, barely dressed a black-lace teddy, stockings, and leather cat-girl mask. As her dream-self pulls the teddy-crotch tight into her slit and crack, she begins to masturbate her shaved pussy in real life…

Dream-Eva is one kinky babe, pouting full, red-painted lips as she strokes and spanks herself with a flogger. Moaning, she swats her ass and small, perfect breasts with the leather tails, then trails them over her body. Soon, she begins to frig herself and we stay with her, lost in her horny reverie.

Thighs splayed, she grinds against her hand, manicured fingers moving her teddy crotch aside. She unmasks and swishes her long, dark hair, then tastes herself off of her fingertips before plunging them back in. Her sighing breaths are punctuated by squeals and cries as she grinds against her hand, sinking her middle digit in knuckle-deep.

Next, Eva strips off her teddy, flaunting her long, stockinged legs and firm ass. She kneels on the seat, doggie-style, and reaches back between her thighs to continue reaming her snatch. Her free hand claws at a butt-cheek and, within moments, she seems to be close to the brink of orgasm. All the while, the camera switches between full-body shots and sharp close-ups of her swollen, fleshy folds.

Somehow, she stays in control then kneels up to straddle the center of the backseat, fingers pounding hard now, as her palm slaps against her clit and mound. Her cries get louder and higher, then she bucks as she cums explosively. Blissed out, she caresses her beautiful body as she smiles in total satisfaction – and we leave her in her sexy dream world…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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