Pole 2 – Lena Reif

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Erotic icon-turned-director Sandra Shine captures every sexy detail as stunning Lena Reif shows off her pole-dancing skills. A doe-eyed natural beauty, Lena begins by grasping the pole and tiptoeing barefoot around it. Reflected in the studio’s mirrored walls, she flaunts her gorgeous body in a simple white camisole and matching thong.

She grinds her crotch against the smooth, solid steel, so the cotton fabric clings even tighter to the folds of her moist pussy. Turned on, she slides up and down then swings around the pole, swishing her waist-length brown hair. Soon, one manicured hand strays to free her perfect breasts from her top. She caresses them, then pulls aside her thong and rubs her shaved pussy directly against the metal.

Lena sinks down into a deep squat and begins to masturbate. She peels off her panties, kicks them away, then backs up against the pole. With her crack pressed tight up against it and one peachy cheek on either side, she arches her body and moves up and down again. After crouching on all fours to grind against it doggie-style, she lies on her back. Thighs splayed and knees bent, she grips her ankles as she humps against the shiny shaft.

The dancer’s seductive power and control are clear to see as her body bucks and gyrates. Close to orgasm, she holds on tight to the pole with one hand as the other teases her clit. When she cums, she clamps her thighs around it, hanging almost horizontal as she screws it as hard as she can.

In a blissful daze, she pulls herself upright, gripping the pole for balance. She tries to practice her graceful moves once again, stripping off her top to dance naked. However, she’s now too horny to focus, so she leaves the studio, intent on more self-pleasure…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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