Pee On Me 2 – Katya G & Rebeka Ruby

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Night is falling and lesbian duo Katya G and Rebeka Ruby are getting naked and nasty in a bathroom. Standing in the tub they make out, caressing each other’s perfect breasts. Curvy Latvian blonde Katya kneads her brunette lover’s peachy ass cheeks, raking them with long, polished nails, before sucking on her erect nipples – and Rebeka is eager to return the favor.

Katya’s pussy is shaved, with just a whisper of a landing strip – she raises one bare foot on the tub to open herself up for Rebeka. The brunette sinks her fingers inside then gets down on her knees to lick and suck her girlfriend’s clit. Soon, Katya is moaning in ecstasy. Rebeka laps up her cream with relish, then the pair shares a juicy kiss.

With Katya on the brink of orgasm, the action takes a kinkier turn. Rebeka continues to probe her snatch, and rubs her clit and belly. As the blonde cums, she squirts – just a little trickle of pee at first, then a strong jet that drenches Rebeka’s tits and splashes her body with glistening droplets.

They kiss again, then trade places. Rebeka is so horny that, almost immediately, she releases a golden shower of her own, with every detail captured in extreme close-up. Her butterfly lips twitch in the warm, wet flow, which soaks Katya’s hand as she plows the brunette’s ass-crack.

Katya switches between eating her pal’s pussy and letting her fingers work their magic – one hand continues to grind between Rebeka’s cheeks, as the other gets busy with her clit. Gyrating her hips, Rebeka climaxes, moaning as Katya teases out every drop of pleasure. Standing, the two kiss passionately, then each girl slips a hand between her lover’s thighs, ready to go again…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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