Painfully Hot 2 – Cherr

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Sizzling-hot redhead Cherr is reading by candlelight, casually dressed in a cardigan, shorts and tight white tank, plus black-framed glasses. Distracted by a flickering candle flame, she sweeps her fingertips through it, too fast to burn them, then dips them in the molten wax around the wick. She tries in vain to focus on her book, then succumbs to hornier urges…

Next, we see the heavily tattooed babe kneeling on the wood floor of her mezzanine, surrounded by every candle she owns. She is now dressed in black fishnet stockings and a revealing sweater that shows off her perfect-handful breasts. She also has a huge, realistically shaped jelly dildo to play with.

Cherr grabs a large green candle and, as she gazes at its dancing flame, she sucks on her toy. Next, she grinds the spit-wet shaft against her tits, plowing it into her cleavage. Her nipples are covered by black-cross pasties, and she rubs and spanks them with the mock-cock. Suddenly, she tilts the candle, spilling melted wax over one of her globes. She gasps as the hot liquid hits her skin then hardens in an instant.

Her other tit gets the same treatment, then she splays her thighs to expose her trimmed pussy. As she teases her pink with the dildo, she pours more wax on her body. She homes in on her snatch with the candle, splashing her thighs, then plunges the dildo deep inside of her juiced-up hole. Next, she rolls on one side to bang herself from behind.

With her stockinged feet braced against the balustrade, Cherr pounds her pussy hard, moaning as her orgasm approaches. Then she lies back, legs raised and tits quivering as she drizzles them with blue wax. This tips her over the brink and she cums hard, bucking and squirming on the floor, her gorgeous inked body a mess of multicolored wax…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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