Oil Wrap 2 – Zuzu Sweet

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Sexy Czech babe Zuzu Sweet is wearing a strapless minidress made of black plastic wrap – it’s so short, her shaved pussy peeks out at the bottom. Her make-up is smoky, with vampish red lips, and her long black hair is loose. As she runs her manicured hands over her body, the wrap clings and crackles.

Kneeling on a purple plastic sheet, Zuzu uses a large knife to poke a hole in the wrap, then rips it to expose her perfect breasts. Then she sits back and, with more help from the sharp blade, gets totally naked. She rubs the tattered wrap against her skin, legs splayed to flaunt her moist folds and the tiny landing strip above them.

She turns her ass to the camera, pulls the wrap tight up into her crack and slit, then saws it back and forth. She lays a spank on one of her cheeks, then pours oil over her ass. She rolls and squirms on the slippery sheet, slathering her body with more oil, then gets on all fours again, wiggling and shaking her magnificent butt.

Zuzu begins to masturbate, fingers reaching down to rub her slit. She moans softly as they catch her clit and probe inside of her. Feeling kinky, she spanks her ass and crotch, then slides onto her back to plow herself deeper and faster. She selects a realistic pink dildo from her toy collection and sucks it, gazing into the camera. Then she rubs the head and veined shaft against her slit.

She inserts the entire length, wet enough to take it easily, and pounds herself to the edge of a climax. She slows down, trying to hold back, but soon her hand is a blur as she cums to an intense orgasm, oiled tits quivering. Blissed out, she caresses her curvy body, and savors her cream off of her fingers…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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