Night At The Theater – Katy Rose & Deny Lou

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Sexy brunette Katy Rose and her partner Deny Lou walk home hand in hand through the city streets after a “Night At The Theater.” As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie begins, the lovers flirt and kiss by moonlight. In a flashback, we see them getting ready to go out; Deny admires how Katy looks in her glamorous black dress, and kisses her adoringly. She slips the straps of her dress from her shoulders, exposing her beautiful breasts as she straddles his lap. She moves up to sit on his face and he tugs her red lace panties aside so he can nuzzle her fluffy bush and eat her pussy, giving her a breathless orgasm. Katy spins around into a sixty-nine, taking Deny’s rigid cock in her mouth and sucking it greedily, wrapping her lips tightly around the thick shaft and jerking it against her tongue. Deny flips her into doggy, her perfect ass up as he licks her skilfully, then penetrates her and fucks her with powerful strokes. Katy climaxes again and again as they slam together, switching to missionary for even deeper drilling. She rubs her clit as Deny drives her wild and cums inside her drenched pussy.

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