My Sexy Feet 2 – Anie Darling

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In a stylish apartment, brunette Anie Darling is ready for solo sex. Itโ€™s daytime, but she is dressed for kinky action in a leather micro-minidress, black stockings and garters, and strappy spike heels. She bends to flaunt her peachy ass and snaps her garter-straps against her cheeks. Then she strips down to her lingerie โ€“ a peekaboo bra and semi-transparent thong.

Pouting her red lips, Anie exposes and caresses her small, perfect breasts, then takes off her panties. She kneels on her couch, with her wet-look garter belt framing her ass and trimmed pussy as she begins to masturbate. Then, sitting with her legs raised, she takes off her shoes, rubs her nylon-clad feet, and puts on a pair of soft black silicone ankle-cuffs.

This restriction prevents her from spreading her legs, so she bends her knees to splay her thighs wider. Slowly, she rips a stocking to leave just one foot bare. She strokes it, drizzles on oil, then massages her sole and slides her slick fingers in between her toes. Again, she kneels doggie-style on the couch, reaching back to frig her clit and slip one finger, then two, inside of her snatch.

Anie masturbates and rubs her feet together, sighing with pleasure as the single stocking creates friction against the naked skin of her other sole. Next, she sprawls back and contorts her flexible body โ€“ toes touching, her feet form an arch above her head. Her upper arms rest on her thighs as she reaches through to strum and plow her pink.

Her breaths and moans become louder as she pounds her wet, puffy pussy. She holds back for as long as possible then cums hard, teasing her clit to maximize her pleasure. Body twisted in ecstasy, she gazes directly into the camera โ€“ but the focus is on one final sharp, lingering shot of her sexy feetโ€ฆ

TLE โ€“ The Art of Orgasm โ€“ The Life Erotic

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