Mirror Mirror 2 – Noelia B

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Naked in red sneakers, sexy tattooed brunette Noelia B is tied to a wooden chair with scarlet ropes. However, her kinky imagination is unbound, fueled by the sight of her own stunning body reflected in a full-length mirror. A black dildo is lashed between her ankles – if only she could free herself to reach it…

Her perky, perfect breasts heave as she squirms in her seat, struggling to release her inked, golden limbs. One hand slips its bond followed by the other, then she uncoils the remaining rope, pausing to slide the toy into her mouth. She licks and sucks on it in a horny trance, as she caresses her curves and splays her thighs wide.

She curls her ringed fingers tightly around the ridged shaft and trails it down to her unshaved pussy. The tip glides through her hairy bush and between her splayed lips to grind against her clit. As the camera moves in for a close-up, it reveals the red-jewelled base of a butt-plug stuck firmly in her asshole.

Next, she gets up off of the chair, moves it aside, and lays the mirror flat on the floor. She places the dildo on it then sinks down to straddle and ride it, taking it down to the hilt in her wet hole. She moans and gyrates then rubs her clit with her fingers, slowly taking herself to the edge of orgasm. Shot from above, her face is a picture of erotic bliss.

Another switch, to a back view as Noelia humps the dildo, smearing the entire shaft with her cream, right down to the base. Her butt-plug is reflected in the mirror, giving the illusion of fiery twin jewels moving in sync as Noelia bangs herself into a frenzy. She pauses for breath, then rides the toy to an intense climax, biting down on her finger then arching her body in ecstasy. Finally, she relishes the afterglow, with the dildo still buried deep inside of her…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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