Memories Of Her 2 – Amie & Serena A

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Gorgeous Serena A is sitting at her vanity, brushing her waist-length blonde hair. Her brown eyes smolder as she recalls a lesbian tryst with Amie, a hot Hispanic brunette. Although Serena is alone, she is dressed in a sexy camisole, fishnet stockings and garters, with heavy silver jewelry. Flaunting her stunning ass, she strides across the room on high spike heels and gazes out from the glass patio door, looking in vain for her lover.

She lowers her camisole to free and caress one beautiful breast, cupping it as she teases the stiff, dark-tan nipple. Then, topless, she returns to the vanity, slipping a hand in her little black thong as she remembers Amie stroking and licking her tits. She trails her juice-drenched fingertips over her rack and tattooed belly, then strips off her panties to reveal her unshaved pussy.

She ruffles her thick, dark pubes, then grabs her hairbrush to use as a dildo, thrusting the handle inside of her. Erotic memories fuel her lust โ€“ getting naked with the brunette, then kissing her cute butt and grinding her crotch against it from behind. She pounds herself, then improvises again, switching the brush for a perfume bottle.

Perched on the vanity counter, with her long, golden mane reflected in the mirror, she pumps and stirs the sleek shaft deep inside of her snatch. As it parts her hairy lips to reveal the creamy-wet pink between them, Serena pictures herself fingerbanging Amie from the rear. Savoring the flashback, she lapses into a horny trance.

Moaning, Serena continues to masturbate, but holds back from cumming. She stops to catch her breath, then squats down on the floor, balanced on her skyscraper heels, knees wide apart. Within moments, she orgasms and squirts a stream of pee that puddles on the wood floor. Relieved and released, she exits the sceneโ€ฆ

TLE โ€“ The Art of Orgasm โ€“ The Life Erotic

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