Lesson – Geishakyd & Nick Moreno

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Party-loving cutie Geishakyd wants to hang out with her girlfriends, but she has a private English class to teach. As Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Lesson” begins, Nick Moreno waits impatiently until she shows up. Bustling in, she is brisk at first, but he charms her, and their Spanglish conversation grows increasingly intimate. Vivacious Geishakyd makes the lesson more hands on, stripping down to her sexy lingerie and straddling Nick on the sofa, then taking off her bra and jiggling her gorgeous breasts in his face. She commands him to undress and is impressed by the size of the dick tenting out his briefs, stroking it eagerly. Soon they are both naked as she grinds in his lap, impaling herself on his huge erection and riding it vigorously. After an intense orgasm, she dismounts, and Nick eats her pussy before penetrating her in missionary. Geishakyd strums her clit as Nick fucks her with powerful strokes; they switch to doggy, slamming together until she climaxes again. Kneeling, she licks and sucks his dick voraciously until he cums in her mouth; then she abruptly gets dressed, tells him the lesson is over, and rushes off to meet her friends.

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