Latex Gloves 2 – Melody Sweet

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Making her TLE movie debut, sexy Melody Sweet – a green-eyed babe with a sassy brunette bob – indulges her craving for kink. We find her in a clinical white dungeon room, posing by a padded bondage table in a fetish minidress and ankle-strap stripper platforms. As she strokes her gloved hands over the dress, latex on latex, the fabric crackles.

She spins around, with the skirt stretched tight over her stunning bubble-butt – then she raises the hem and splays her cheeks to flash her asshole and shaved pussy. Bending over the table, standing doggie-style, she flaunts her long legs, then begins to masturbate. Her gloved fingers glide along her slit then dip inside. Even when the latex is slippery with her juices, it builds friction fast and she moans with pleasure.

Hot and horny, Melody hikes up her dress to expose her small, natural breasts, then reaches back to resume frigging herself. Her rubberized digits probe then plow her snatch, then strum her swollen clit. Next, she sits on the table, thighs splayed and knees bent, with her ultra-high spike heels resting on the edge.

She cups and caresses her tits and nipples as her fingers pound her pussy and grind against her clit. Feet raised, she bangs herself even harder, reaching a gloved hand around to grab her ass. Her moans become keening wails – then, legs in the air, she hits the brink of her climax.

Her fingertips stray towards her asshole but her main focus is her pussy, and she soon cums hard and loud. Even then, she still can’t get enough of her latex gloves, and she strokes and soothes her juice-drenched, puffy folds as she comes back down from her orgasmic high…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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