Inside Panties 2 – Sascha

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Gorgeous brunette Sascha is in her laundry room, washing her lingerie. Squatting on the floor in a short, tight T-shirt dress, she removes a pair of red-lace thong panties from the machine. She examines them, gives them a sniff, and holds them against her crotch. Then she walks out the door with a horny look on her face.

Next, she’s on a staircase in a kinky red-latex minidress. She hitches up the hem to reveal the red thong, and pantyhose cut to look like stockings and garters. Flaunting her long legs, she grabs her firm ass-cheeks then peels her underwear down and off. Again she sniffs the red lace – and this time it’s scented with her juices.

Sitting on a stair, thighs splayed, Sascha caresses the fabric with manicured fingers, then begins to masturbate. She takes things slow and easy, parting her butterfly lips and stroking between them. Sighing with pleasure, she rubs the lace against her slit, then slowly feeds it inside of her shaved pussy. She leaves a couple inches poking out and rubs her clit with her fingertips.

Her free hand roams over her beautiful breasts through the clinging latex – this gets her even hotter and she crams her panties all the way inside. On her knees and straddling a couple stairs, she reaches back to ream her snatch. Then she stands with one foot resting on the handrail and uses both hands to tease herself to the point of no return.

Unsteady as her knees begin to tremble, she sits again, moaning as she strums her clit. As she starts to cum she slides a finger inside of her, hooks her panties, then pulls them out slowly to intensify her pleasure. In a state of bliss, she raises the wet lace to her face and inhales the scent of her orgasm before heading upstairs…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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