In Love With Pain 2 – Ginger Mary

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The sun is shining but Ginger Mary – a beautiful babe with long, red-blonde hair, blue eyes, and porcelain skin – is in her apartment, enjoying some solo daytime kink. Indoors it’s cool and shady, but she’s bringing the heat in burgundy-lace lingerie. Her toys of choice are simple – a set of wooden clothespins.

She trails one over her slim curves, sucks on it, then clamps it on her flat belly, near her navel. Soon, she has a line of pins stretching between her hips. She removes her bra to expose her small, natural breasts, then uses another clothespin to tease one nipple stiff before pinching her flesh between the wooden jaws. She peels off her panties and then, when both nipples are clamped, begins to masturbate her shaved pussy.

The camera captures a sharp close-up as she frigs her clit. Then she clips a pin on each of her outer labia, which stretches her snatch open. Deftly, she slides a finger in between them, to strum and circle her sensitive nub. She gives her tits some attention, too, cupping the globes and flicking, tweaking or even sucking on the pins.

Splayed out on the sheets and moaning softly, Ginger rocks her hips and ass. Next, she crouches doggie-style, reaching back to ream her moist slit faster. She slips her middle finger inside while two others flank her tight asshole. As she approaches orgasm, the focus shifts to her face, eyes shut as she bites her rosy lips.

She lies back and plows herself harder, her moans becoming more urgent. Then, as she starts to cum, she unclips the pins and cries out as sensation floods back in. Her skin is unharmed but the dents and dimples left behind may take a couple hours to fade. Finally, in a blissful daze, she caresses her body, to soothe her tingling flesh.

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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