I’m Your Date 2 – Clara S & Romi

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It’s date night at curvy brunette Romi’s apartment, and tattooed blonde Clara is already naked. Romi ties a lace-and-ribbon blindfold over her lover’s eyes, then fastens matching bondage cuffs on her wrists. Flaunting perfect-handful breasts and a trimmed pussy, Clara is led into the bedroom and lies face-down on the sheets.

Romi lights a massage candle, then strips off her bandeau bra and thong panties. As she straddles the sexy blonde’s prone body, the camera captures the beauty of her own bubble-butt. Gently, Romi caresses Clara’s back, then kneads and spanks her ass cheeks until they glow pink. She drizzles warm oil from the candle over Clara’s skin and continues to massage her.

Soon, Romi’s hands begin to roam. She cups her own pert tits, oiling them, then glides her fingers along Clara’s crack and teases her snatch. She tries to continue the massage, using a wooden roller – but its phallic shape makes it the perfect dildo. She plays the handle between Clara’s cheeks, eases it inside of her pussy, then plows her lying-down doggie-style.

With her free hand, Romi grasps the ribbons on Clara’s wrist-cuffs and pulls her arms behind her back. The blonde moans loudly and splays her cheeks with manicured fingers. Next, Romi tastes her date’s churned-up cream off of the massager, then lays her on her back. She gives Clara’s tits some attention, then kisses her way down to lick her clit. Clara removes her blindfold and, after the duo makes out, Romi gives her erect nipples a lingering suck.

The brunette goes down again, oralizing Clara’s clit as she pounds her deep and hard with the roller handle. She reaches back between her thighs to frig her own pussy with a couple fingers – but, as Clara hits the brink of orgasm, the focus is on her pleasure. Whimpering, she pulls Romi’s face into her crotch as she cums. Romi licks the wooden handle clean, then gives Clara a lingering kiss before leaving the room…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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