Hard Stimulation 2 – Serina Gomez

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Gorgeous Czech brunette Serina Gomez is in a luxurious spa-style bathroom. On the vanity is a beauty machine that combines light therapy with sonic vibrations. Serina switches up the intensity, and the wand attachment glows red and buzzes as she strokes the shaft and tip with manicured fingers.

She tosses aside her black robe to reveal kinky PVC sleeves, then rolls down her sheer minidress to expose her perfect breasts. She kneads her tanlined globes and tweaks her puffy, brownish-pink nipples. Filmed upskirt-style from below, she strips off her shiny black thong, bending to flaunt her sexy ass and shaved pussy. Then she begins to masturbate in front of the large vanity mirror, splaying her cheeks and fingering herself from behind.

Next, she uses the beauty device to tease her nipples erect. With one bare foot resting on the tub she vibes her pink, moaning as the rounded head of the wand reams her sensitive clit. It’s almost too much pleasure to handle, so she changes back to manual, strumming and probing her folds with red-polished fingertips.

Sitting on the tub, she spreads her legs wide and works the wand over her juice-slick pussy. Her clit is swollen and twitching, and her breath comes in gasps and sighs. Soon, her body is tense and taut, then she whimpers in ecstasy as she cums long and hard. As her orgasm fades, her hand slips in between her thighs, her touch gentle and soothing now.

Serina takes time to enjoy the afterglow – she sucks and tongues the entire length of the wand, relishing the taste of her own cream off of it. Finally, as the movie draws to a close, we leave her smiling to herself, totally satisfied…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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