Hairy Pee 2 – Rosi

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Kinky Rosi, a babe with striking blue eyes and blonde-frosted brunette hair, is sitting on a medical chair in a dungeon room. A disposable sheet under her ass suggests she’s expecting things to get wet. She is simply but sexily dressed in a red-lace teddy, and her bare limbs are splayed wide in arm-rests and leg-stirrups. A close-up shot reveals that her crotch is very hairy, with a fuzz of dark pubes growing down her inner thighs.

She caresses her slim curves and pops open her satin teddy-crotch to reveal her unshaved pussy. After freeing her nipples, she begins to stroke her hairy lips. Her fingers glide along the smooth pink between them, then two plunge inside to plow her juicy hole. Her other hand grips her ponytail and tugs on it as she masturbates.

As she reams herself, her cries become louder and higher. Her bare toes point and flex, as her palm taps and grinds against her clit and mound. Soon, she lapses into a horny trance. After a couple minutes she strips off her teddy, exposing her cute tits. She cups and teases them, then raises and spreads her legs as she resumes playing with herself.

Letting out a long, low moan, Rosi cums – and squirts a stream of pale-golden pee. A surgical pan has been set up to catch it, and the thin, hollow metal rings and echoes as the liquid hits it. One orgasm is not enough to satisfy, so she continues to frig herself.

She groans and whimpers, sighs turning to yelps as she pees again. The sheet below her is soon saturated, but she keeps cumming and peeing until she is spent. As she drifts back down to earth, she runs her hands over her naked skin and ruffles her bush, now dampened by her fresh, warm pee. With Rosi finally satisfied, the picture fades…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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