Goodbye Lorena – Lorena B

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Stunning Lorena B is perfectly naked for her farewell appearance. Stretching out on the bed, the Spanish beauty reads aloud from her book, her face lit up by a radiant smile. She rolls around on the sheets, hands wandering over the curves of her sexy ass. Walking into the bathroom, she brushes her long brunette hair, then drizzles lotion over her silky skin and massages it in. Her fingers linger on her perky breasts, squeezing her stiff nipples. She chooses a sweater from the wardrobe and puts it on, admiring her reflection, then turns on some music and dances around the kitchen, making coffee. Filling the bathtub with water, she steps into it and soaps herself up playfully, the mood bittersweet. Itโ€™s a fond farewell from one of our most popular and prolific stars as she retires from nude modeling, leaving us these special moments to treasure.

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