Fetish Wig 2 – Bjorg Larson

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Gorgeous Swedish babe Bjorg Larson is kinky for purple. She’s set for solo sex in her kitchen, dressed in lilac satin with classic black stockings and spike-heeled pumps, all crowned with a violet bob wig. As she frees her perfect breasts from her low-cut crop-top, she reveals heart-shaped purple sequin pasties, tipped with tassels.

Bjorg slides two teasing manicured fingers in her skater miniskirt, then strokes her nylon-clad legs. As she moves slowly and seductively, taking off her shoes, she offers tantalizing flashes of her naked, trimmed pussy – no panties this time. Sitting on her dining table, she caresses her feet through the stockings, then removes her top.

Her sassy skirt says on but she flips it up to expose her snatch and immediately begins to masturbate, splaying her butterfly lips and grinding her fingers against her pink. She tastes her cream, then plunges a French-tipped digit in her snatch, raising her stunning butt off of the table as the camera moves in for a close-up.

Sighing with pleasure, she goes faster and harder, humping against her hand and strumming her clit. Balanced on her tiptoes she moves rhythmically, tits bouncing and tassels swishing. This, however, is only foreplay. She takes a cute purple wand vibrator, sucks on the head, then plays it between her puffy lips. Her breath comes in gasps as, resting on one side, she buzzes her slit.

As her orgasm builds, Bjorg’s body twitches and spasms, legs kicking and butt-cheeks clenching. She crouches on all fours, grabbing her ass as she takes herself closer to the edge. Finally, balanced on one knee, she cums, bucking her hips and moaning loudly as her free hand squeezes her rack. After a couple soothing strokes of her fingers, she regains her natural poise, casting smoldering glances at the camera before the picture fades.

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