Faster Is Better 2 – Usha

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Gorgeous Usha, a tattooed and pierced babe with long black hair, is home alone and getting kinky with plastic wrap. She caresses her perfect breasts and shaved pussy through layers of film wound around her hot body. Her tits are soon free, while peekaboo “panties” leave her crotch exposed. The front forms thin strings that she pulls tight into her slit, then she claws at the wrap covering her ass, ripping it with red-manicured nails.

She drizzles oil on her thighs, then works more over her slender curves. The wrap bunches up to bare even more skin, then she uses scissors to snip it off and massages her naked body. She begins to masturbate, cupping and squeezing her perky rack and fingering her snatch as she watches herself in a large mirror.

Falling forward, she assumes the doggie position, showing off her butt as she reaches back to rub her pussy and crack. Her lips are puffy and moist, and her inked fingers slip smoothly inside of her. Next, she grabs a long piece of the wrap, holding one end in each hand, and saws it back and forth between her legs, building friction fast.

Again, Usha uses her hands and slumps back among the tattered remains of her improvised lingerie. Thighs splayed, she pounds two fingers in and out her snatch, grinding her ass against the sheets and bucking it in the air as she gets nearer to orgasm. Her hands are soon a blur as she switches between plowing her snatch and flossing her pink with strings of wrap.

Her toes point in ecstasy as she grabs her throat and we are treated to close-ups of her pussy as she squirms on the sheets. She lies across the bed, head hanging over the side, looking in the mirror as she tips over the brink, cumming loud and hard. And she just keeps on cumming, still frigging herself as the movie ends…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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