Every Day Is Beautiful – Serina Gomez & Charlie Dean

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Cute brunette Serina Gomez walks through the city with Charlie Dean, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Every Day Is Beautiful” begins. The sweet lovers kiss and take selfies, then dash through the park hand-in-hand as it begins to rain. Hurrying home, they embrace in the hallway, kissing passionately and undressing each other. Charlie sucks Serina’s dark nipples, then pulls down her tight yoga pants and licks her shaved pussy, adding his fingers to make her breathless with arousal. She jerks his rigid cock as they stumble to the sofa, then takes it in her mouth for a sensuous blowjob. Straddling Charlie’s lap, Serina impales herself on his erection and slides up and down energetically, riding to a wild orgasm. They move to the bed, where Charlie grabs Serina’s perfect ass as he eats her from behind, making her climax again before he thrusts into her in a prone doggy position. He bounces off her firm round cheeks with every powerful stroke, fucking her to peak after peak of bliss; they switch to missionary, her legs over his shoulders so he can drive deep. Serina’s orgasm triggers Charlie’s, and his hot cum trickles out as they kiss, wrapped in each other’s arms.

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