Edgy Stillness 2 – Cherr

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Tattooed and pierced alternative babe Cherr is outdoors, photographing a large, derelict building in leafy surroundings. Casually dressed in a rock-chick top, tight black pants, white socks and sneakers, with her long, red hair worn loose, she snaps a selfie. She explores the secluded site and finds a way inside.

The interior is a mess of debris and graffiti – and Cherr is now wearing a topless PVC fetish dress and strappy platform sandals. She climbs a staircase, leather flogger in hand, with her perfect breasts and heavy ink on display. Stopping on a top-floor landing, she is lit by sunshine filtered through a grimy skylight. She begins to caress her rack, dragging the tails of her whip over her nipples to tease them stiff.

Skirt hiked up to expose her trimmed pussy, the kinky redhead balances with one foot high up on the handrail. She strokes her wet folds and spanks her thighs and ass with the flogger. Next, she squats, knees splayed, and plows her juicy snatch with a couple fingers, while whipping herself even harder.

Back at the handrail, she balances precariously and reaches back to frig her slit from behind. In a horny upskirt shot, she flaunts long legs as she flogs herself into a moaning frenzy, then treats us to a rear view. She spins and crouches down, her ass just inches above the sleaze-strewn floor as broken glass crunches under her high heels.

Cherr bites down on the flogger, then uses it to punish her open inner thighs. She swats her pink with the leather tails, then jams her fingers inside, gagging herself with the handle again as she pounds her pussy hard. However, she needs a little pain to spice her pleasure – standing with her legs spread and hips tilted, she whips and fingerbangs herself to an intense orgasm. Satisfied for now at least, she leaves the scene.

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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