Do You Wanna – Casey & Jason Carrera

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Gorgeous blonde Casey is smoking while Jason Carrera takes a swim, as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie “Do You Wanna” begins. Setting a transparent plastic chair on the terrace for her seductive show, Casey takes off her dress and presses her beautiful breasts against the clear back of the chair as she starts to stroke her pussy, holding Jason spellbound. Emerging from the pool dripping wet, he caresses his sweetheart’s breasts as he kisses her, and takes over fingering her pussy. They move to a mattress on the ground, where Casey takes Jason’s big cock in her mouth, gazing up at him as she licks and sucks it avidly. Straddling him, she guides his erection into her juicy slot, sighing with pleasure as she sinks down on it. She rides him vigorously, her perfect ass rising and falling and her breasts jiggling as they slam together until she’s overwhelmed by an intense orgasm. Sitting astride Jason’s face, Casey gets licked to another climax, before he impales her again in spoons. They fuck passionately, reaching their peak together, Jason’s creamy cum seeping from Casey’s pussy as they cuddle in the sunshine.

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