Cooking At Home 2 – Bjorg Larson

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Sexy blonde Bjorg Larson browses through a cookery book, daydreaming about the tasty feast she plans to create. Her short dress rides up for a glimpse of her curvaceous ass as she rummages in the refrigerator, but as she starts chopping vegetables, she gets distracted by the suggestive shape of a large zucchini. Bending over the counter, she pulls her red lace panties down around her thighs and starts to stroke her pussy. She caresses her beautiful breasts, her nipples stiff with arousal as she rubs her clit and thrusts her fingers into her tight slot. Naked except for her high heels, she perches up on the kitchen counter with thighs spread wide and masturbates to an intense orgasm. She’s glowing with sexual satisfaction as she returns to her cookbook…

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