Come Watch Me 2 – Mia Trejsi

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Gorgeous black-haired Ukrainian babe Mia Trejsi is asleep in bed when a voyeur enters her room with a flashlight. Half-awake she switches on her lamp, disoriented but immediately horny – one hand soon gets busy beneath the covers. Eager to put on a show, she rolls down her nightgown then strips off her black bra to caress her beautiful breasts.

Moaning, she strokes her crotch then kneels on the bed, doggie-style, revealing kinky leather-look stockings. As she pulls aside her thong and begins to masturbate, the focus homes in on her butthole and shaved pussy. Feet raised, she peels off her panties, then draws her knees back and splays her thighs as she masturbates with manicured fingers.

This, however, is only foreplay. Reaching under her pillow, Mia retrieves a huge glass dildo, elegantly designed with dots and curves to look like an octopus tentacle. She sucks on the end then glides it over her tits before grinding it against her wet pink. She teases her tight anal pucker, smearing it with her juices, then plunges it in her snatch. As one hand grips the toy, the other reams her clit.

Moaning insatiably, she pounds herself with the crystal shaft and can’t resist dipping a fingertip inside of her asshole. Double-penetrated, she moans as her digit sinks in deeper. She pauses to stretch her legs and taste her cream off of the toy, then switches between pounding herself hard and fast, or deep and slow.

Mia surfs the brink of cumming for what seems like forever – but it’s a slow-burn build-up to the ultimate orgasm. Setting her toy aside, she reams her clit with one hand, gasping and yelping as powerful spasms rack her body. She continues to masturbate, for maximum pleasure, muffling her moans with a mouthful of her dildo. Finally spent, she slips back under the covers while her voyeur makes their exit.

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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