Clitoris Stimulator 2 – Jenny Wild

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Stunning Czech blonde Jenny Wild is trying out a new sex toy: a tiny but powerful, rose gold-colored clitoral stimulator with three interchangeable heads. We find her dressed in a sleek black teddy with fishnet cutaways, teamed with classic black stockings and spike-heeled pumps. Her makeup is subtle, aside from bold red lipstick which leaves smears on the first tip โ€“ a Y-shaped fork โ€“ as she tests it against her tongue.

Jenny unsnaps the crotch of her teddy, then hikes it up to expose her shaved pussy and small, natural breasts. She strokes her curves and teases her slit with elegant fingers, then catches a nipple in between the soft, vibrating prongs. The large nub stiffens so she trails the toy down and works it against her clit.

She kicks off her shoes and sits in a leather armchair with her legs splayed wide, then buzzes her clit again. The device is small but its vibrations are powerful and target her sweet spots with precision. Next, she tries a rounded bullet-tip that she slides inside of her. Her butterfly lips are pink and swollen and her crotch is glistening with juices.

Moaning, she tastes herself off of the toy, then kneels on the chair and reaches back to bang her snatch doggie-style before switching to the final tip. This third one is the charm โ€“ a softly pointed spoon designed to cup her clit. She lubes it with saliva then gasps and groans as she grinds it against her tender flesh.

Jennyโ€™s moans become louder and higher as her orgasm nears, and she cups and squeezes her heaving tits. Within moments she climaxes, and keeps the vibe pressed to her clit until she canโ€™t cum anymore. We leave her in a state of bliss, as she licks her cute vibrator clean of her own cream.

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