Candle Power 2 – Lola T

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Sexy Lola T is ready to take a relaxing candlelit bubble-bath. Dressed in a slinky robe she runs her fingers through her short, dark-auburn hair and admires her pretty face in the mirror. Next, she lies in the tub, naked but with her body teasingly hidden by the foam. As her smoky eyes gaze into the flickering flames of her candles, her imagination runs wild…

She pictures herself kneeling in front of a full-length mirror, wearing a kinky PVC bikini, long boots, and a submissive’s collar. Her hands caress the shiny fabric and her exposed skin. She is again surrounded by candles, larger this time, and strokes a smooth, yellow-wax pillar over her slim curves. Once more, she is mesmerized by the flame and the molten wax pooling around the wick.

Sitting with her back to the wall, thighs splayed, Lola rubs her fingers and the candle against her pussy through the semi-open lace-up crotch of her bikini. She unfastens her top to expose small, natural breasts and very puffy nipples, caresses them, then moans as she spills hot liquid wax over them.

Lola masturbates with one hand inside of her kinky panties and unlaces them to reveal her shaved snatch, deep-pink and moist. She pours more hot wax on her rack, letting it trickle down to her crotch. She drizzles yet more over her thighs then directly on her pussy, wincing as each splatter hits. Soon her beautiful body is a mess of hardened multicolored splashes.

Sitting on her haunches she works one hand between her thighs as she spills yet more bright-orange wax on her tender flesh. Her moans become louder and higher as she targets her clit, body arching and writhing then bucking as she grinds herself to an intense orgasm. Spent, she blows out the candle and lays soothing caresses on her sensitive skin…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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