Blue In Pink 2 – Ginger Mary

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It’s after dark in the city and, in a purple-lit room, horny Latvian redhead Ginger Mary is indulging in solo sex. She sits topless in sheer, flesh-toned pantyhose, her makeup subtle and her long hair loose. Flaunting perfect breasts, she oralizes the neck of a blue-glass bottle. She takes it deep in her throat, then lets it slip out. Slowly, she begins to caress her pert globes and puffy nipples.

Next, she lies back in her chair, legs splayed and hooked over the high arms, and toes pointing. She rubs the opaque crotch of her pantyhose with body of the bottle – then, craving more focussed attention, grinds the neck against her slit. Soon, wet spots soak through the thin fabric and she slides the bottle inside of her waistband for direct contact. She sucks it again, to taste her own arousal, and masturbates with her fingers.

Now Ginger is lost in her own pleasure, hand moving rhythmically. She shifts position, feet and knees clamped together on one side, with her nylons pulled down around her thighs. She reaches through the narrow gap between her legs to plow her shaved pussy deep with the bottleneck.

She sucks on her fingers, lubing them with saliva, then rims her asshole, probing the tight pucker as the bottle sinks into her smooth snatch. Her face is a picture of pleasure as, moaning softly, she relishes the double-penetration. As her excitement grows, she pounds both holes faster and deeper – then, naked, she kneels doggy-style over the back of the chair and reams her pussy from the rear.

She pumps the bottle then grinds it deep, shot from below. Tits jiggling, she bites her lip then whimpers, pretty face screwed up as she surfs the brink of her orgasm. When it hits, it’s intense – but she continues to bang herself, leaving a creamy ring around the blue-glass bottleneck as she cums time and again…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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