Blue Dream – Nikki Hill

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Cute blonde Nikki Hill smiles as she strokes a make-up brush against her silky skin, enjoying the stimulating sensation. She tugs her flimsy blue panties aside and caresses her shaved pussy, rocking her hips as she rubs her clit sensuously. Taking off her panties, she grabs a clear glass dildo from the nightstand and sucks on it to lube it up before grinding it against her shaved pussy. Easing the end of the knobbly toy into her tight slot, she fucks herself to a powerful orgasm. The sticky sounds of her arousal mingle with her moans as she thrusts the dildo even more vigorously, climaxing again. Pausing to catch her breath, she fondles her sexy small breasts, then drills herself doggy style until she orgasms for the third time.

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