Before Night – Casey

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Stunning blonde Casey is home from a night out, and ready to satisfy her erotic urges. Tossing her purse aside and sitting on the bed, she lifts her dress to reveal she’s not wearing panties, and starts to stroke the fluffy bush that adorns her mound of Venus. She masturbates avidly, gasping with pleasure as she strums her clit and eases her fingers into her wet pussy. Grabbing a big dildo from her purse, she sucks it to lube it up before thrusting it into her tight slot. She fucks herself vigorously, the sticky sounds of penetration mingling with her moans as she has an intense orgasm. Getting naked, she rides the mock cock, her beautiful breasts bouncing as she slides up and down on the fat shaft until she’s overwhelmed by another climax. Face down ass up, she keeps right on drilling herself to peak after peak of bliss before she’s finally sated.

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