Anal Button 2 – Natalia

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Sexy exhibitionist Natalia is dancing barefoot on a dining table, dressed in biker-fetish chic. Tossing her long, loose brunette hair she runs gloved fingers over her shiny black teddy. She pouts her hot-pink lips and rocks her hips, then squats down low – knees bent, thighs splayed and ass a couple inches above the polished wood.

Her moves soon become even more seductive: she caresses her perfect breasts and squirms her butt, swishing the cute, fuzzy tail stitched on the back of her costume. Then she drops down again to rub herself through the tightly stretched crotch. Slowly, she peels off her gloves, stripper-style, bares her perfect breasts, then gets totally naked.

She bends to flaunt her ass and trimmed pussy from the rear – and reveals she’s wearing a smooth metal butt-plug, set with a round red jewel. As she gyrates, spreading her cheeks and clawing at them with manicured fingers, the fiery gem sparkles, snug against her anal rim. She spins to display her tanlined body, using both hands to part and stroke her snatch.

As her dance ends, she starts to masturbate, sprawling back on the tabletop. She tastes her juices off of her fingers, then continues to circle and grind them over her clit. Then she parts her dark, puffy butterfly lips to expose the glistening pink between them. With her solo foreplay done, she’s ready for release.

Natalia grabs a small, ornate vibrating dildo and works it along her slit, then plows her pussy as her fingertips ream her clit. The plug sunk in her asshole intensifies every sensation and, within just a couple minutes, she bucks her ass, clenching around the metal as her orgasm powers through her. As the movie draws to a close she tastes her sweet cum off of her vibrator then rolls over, lost in the ecstasy of satisfaction…

TLE – The Art of Orgasm – The Life Erotic

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